Kawaski Nelson a.k.a. KCentric is a composer, songwriter, music advocate, creative, and entrepreneur. He carves out a unique musical niche that includes Instrumental, Electronic, Pop, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and other genres of modern music.


He has been composing professionally since 2003. You may have heard Nelson's music on networks like CBS, FOX, HBO, and NBC. Other channels playing Kawaski's work include Netflix, Bravo, BET, and VH1. Also, his songs can be heard in marketing campaigns for international brands like Roamer of Switzerland, Varnelli, Cerveza Cristal, GQ Japan, and Elle Taiwan.


As a songwriter and composer, he has worked with a who's who of recording artists, including hip-hop pioneer MC Lyte, smooth jazz artists, Mike Murray and Daniel Chia, Anadolu Pop™ creator Murat Ses, and EDM producers, Fideles, Marlon Hoffstadt, and others. 


Songs from his award-winning catalog have been licensed to various in-store background music providers like Mood Media, Audiosparx, and Kdigital Media. His instrumental music can be heard in high-end department stores, luxury hotels, and restaurants worldwide.  

Kawaski is a BMI music publisher and, a voting member of The Recording Academy®. His work as a songwriter and composer advocate supports The Academy's mission to improve the environment for musicians and the creative community.