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Kawaski Nelson is an award-winning composer, songwriter, music advocate, and producer who has made a significant impact in the world of visual media. With an impressive career spanning two decades, Kawaski has created and licensed music for use in television, film, advertising, and online media. 

Broadcast networks such as NBC, CBS, and others regularly showcase Kawaski's music. His compositions have been featured on popular shows like Love & Hip-Hop, Grand Crew, and The Young and The Restless, among many others. Moreover, he has forged relationships with prestigious brands such as Roamer of Switzerland, Varnelli, GQ Japan, and Elle Taiwan, seamlessly integrating his soundtracks into their mixed media content and online promotions.


Kawaski's talent extends to his collaborations with notable artists in the industry. He has worked with influential figures like hip-hop pioneer MC Lyte, smooth jazz virtuosos Mike Murray and Daniel Chia, Anadolu Pop™ creator Murat Ses, and an array of international talents including Fideles, Marlon Hoffstadt, Anturage, and more. These collaborations have showcased his versatility and songwriting prowess across various genres and styles.


The impact of Kawaski's compositions on the television landscape cannot be understated, with his diverse music catalog being featured in over 100 television shows. Furthermore, his infectious instrumental music has found widespread recognition, as vendors frequently license them as background music in retail stores, restaurants, and hotels.


Beyond his artistic achievements, Kawaski is deeply committed to the music industry's growth and development. As a voting member of The Recording Academy® and a BMI songwriter and publisher, he actively advocates for the rights and well-being of fellow songwriters and composers. Through his dedication to supporting and uplifting the recording community, he aligns with The Academy's mission to foster an environment that nurtures musicians and their craft.


Kawaski Nelson is a visionary, whose boundless creativity, professional accomplishments, and unwavering dedication to the entertainment industry have firmly established him as a respected and influential figure in both music and visual media.

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